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All alone during Covid.
Original acrylic on paper 350 x 250mm     £200.00
White mounted A4 limited edition print £40.00

Locked in during Lockdown CVD19

Project type

Mixed Bag of Misery


Lockdown UK


North East England


Covid Lockdown



Project type

The World shut down as the virus spread.
In the UK, we were under strict rule and lived in fear.
Lives were lost.
Politicians partied and broke their own rules.
We had time off and the sun was shining.
However, the dark threat of the virus meant we couldn't see family and friends.
So, stocked up on paint.... the only freedom came from creation.

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White mounted A4 Limited edition prints available.£40.00 each (Batch 1-50 only )
Other sizes available on request.

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