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Fashion number 1. AZ

Fashion Ridicule

A4 Pen & Ink



April 2023




North East of England

17th July 2023

Updating the web page with work from a couple of years ago. 150 images relating to the madness of the fashion world.

Project type


Paint. Ink. A4 on paper. See Blog for availability .

The world of fashion. It's all very silly. A billion pound industry cocooned and yet a reality to millions. Models deliberately starving themselves to project an image demanded of them. The love of my life buys magazines which depict strange garments, locations and poses. Clothes that no one ever buys. Or do they ?

Double click on any image to view one at a time with horizontal scrolling

White mounted A4 Limited edition prints available. £40.00 each (Batch 1-50 only )
Other sizes available on request.

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